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Our History

The San Giorgio La Molara Community Centre had its origins in 1976, when a small group of migrants from San Giorgio La Molara (San Giorgesi), decided to form a club aiming to establish an environment where they could maintain their traditions, culture and a place to congregate socially. San Giorgio La Molara is a small hill top town in the Southern Italian province of Benevento, Campania region.

The group formed a committee and bought an old church, which established their clubrooms, situated in Payneham. In May 1979, the San Giorgio La Molara Community Centre was formed and became an incorporated body, embracing the culture of the community and maintaining the San Giorgesi traditions and cultures.

Later in 1982, the committee of San Giorgio La Molara Community Centre decided to expand and purchased the adjacent property of the club, allowing the Management Committee to build a new hall adjacent to the old church. This project took three years to complete.

Many members of the San Giorgio La Molara Community Centre and the public have made significant voluntary contributions towards the growth and expansion of the club, as is it is estimated that more than half of the labour and materials were provided voluntarily during the building of the new hall.

In July 1993 the new hall, San Giorgio’s Reception Room, which seats up to 400 people, was officially opened.

In 2013, there are now currently 273 members active of the San Giorgio La Molara Community Centre. The majority of members are over the age of 70 years, as most of the migration from San Giorgio took place between the 1950s and 1960s.

Our aim today is to maintain the strong San Giorgesi traditions whilst continuing to extend our connections to the Italian community and broader communities. The club is a venue for a range of social, sporting and cultural activities and events, specialising in hall hire for corporate, family and community functions and providing unique and experienced catering services.

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